My name is Cynthia Ferriman. I am the founder of the Best ACT Test Prep.

CynthiaI am a *real* person, not some fly-by-night web guru or some flashy marketing company who spent more time on my website than I did on my guide. I will judge my success on the number of people I help on the ACT test, not on the amount of money I make – which is why you will find that our best ACT online prep guide is priced far less than all the others, well, because it is free.

Below is some information about who I am … It is not very exciting, but it is real. Thanks for taking the time to read about me. If you have any questions about our website, contact us at any time, or hit me on Facebook.

Cynthia has a varied history, but does have a common message: supporting others efforts to experience success at the highest level. This passion and talent comes from a focus of excellence when excellence was never anticipated. She received a Bachelor of Science in education from Miami University and was awarded a scholarship to receive a masters degree in reading and education from Miami University. She started to tutor college under-classmen while earning her degrees.

She accepted her first teaching job in a rural setting that included a split in the day: half of the day was spent with gifted children and the other half was spent with learning disabled students. After leaving this classroom experience, she spent more than 30 years teaching in different venues. Providing academic and test support to K-12 grade students has remained a constant. Her private practice has helped thousands of learners. She has worked on college campuses as well as teaching study skills, workshops to other teachers, and seminars dealing with a variety of specialized topics.

As an employee of the State of Michigan, she has provided individualized instruction and support to identified college students that needed academic intervention in order to achieve success in the classroom and ultimately to an earned diploma. One of her specialities is helping students to prepare for the ACT test. Over the years, she has been using what works to help all students to improve on the ACT test. These simple, but proven, strategies do help the test takers to gain confidence and improve on the ACT test. She is active in her community in supporting educational endeavours and is often consulted for advice on higher education.

Cynthia Ferriman and other members of our team are ready to help you or your child do better on their ACT test than you ever thought possible. Our reviews on ACT test prep websites not like anything else available and we will provide the info about companies where you can take the ACT test prep and get the best possible results.