ACT is an important college application test in lives of many future students in the United States. Yearly more than a million students take the ACT test. This test is used by all four-year colleges and universities in the US.

What is ACT?

The ACT or American College Testing Assessment Test is a college admissions exam given five times a year. There are four sections: English, math, reading and science. The ACT takes two hours and 55 minutes.

Most students take the ACT during the winter/spring of their junior year, saving the fall of their senior year for retesting, if necessary. You will receive four scores on the ACT, one for each section. Each section is scored on a scale of 1-36 points. You will also receive a composite score which is the average of the four scores. The national average is about 21.

Why People Started Using Best ACT Test Prep Courses Online

As the use of the ACT by the colleges and universities grew, the more preparatory courses were created. There are tons of online test prep companies, tutors, teachers, who are trying to help students pass this entry exam. And such online ACT prep companies offers hundreds or even thousands of practice questions with video explanations, various drill tests, dozens of video lessons, private tutoring and many other services.

Whether you have a month, three, six months, or even a year, the schedule of this prep is set up by you, pick the days when you want to study freely. It was long ago proven that when you practice harder than your actual test, you can get the maximum score available. And you deserve the best private tutoring and test prep to improve your test scores and get you into top schools.

How to Find The Best Prep for ACT

The question you may have “what are the best ACT prep courses?”, and we will help you find an answer. We are reviewing all these online ACT prep websites with the help of our prep experts like Cynthia Ferriman, who has been working in education field for more than 10 years and even has her own ACT prep book. You can find more info about Cynthia on About Us page.

After countless students shared their horror stories of wasted time and money with ineffective tutors, we knew that we should help them find only the best online ACT test prep. We will not show you those who are inexperienced or do not have a proven track record of success, so we will suggest only platforms that guarantee you will learn under a top instructor from the very beginning, thereby saving time and money in the long run.

There would also be comparison between the ACT test prep companies. We will provide you the best list.

What Are The Basic Qualities of a Good Test Prep Website

Our team of experts created an algorithm on how we assess companies that provide ACT test prep online.

All top test prep ACT tutors should have expertise in one particular test (ACT in our case) and score in the top 1 percent for the ACT exam, which means they have scored a 35 or higher on the most recent exam. In addition, they should know the format of the ACT exam better than any other company, we can test their knowledge as many of our experts have written test questions themselves. Tutors should know the ACT – each section from: English, Mathematics, Science, and Reading portions (also Writing and computer based tests when required for specific schools).

Apart from the fact that all of the ACT tutors should score in the top 1% percentile for the exam, they should also connect well with the students they teach. You  should only get a tutor who has scored top scores on the ACT section. The average score of such tutors should be 35 or higher and they must help you improve on every section.

What is the Best ACT Prep Course?

Which company will reveal you the hidden rules and patterns that unlock the answers to all ACT questions in easy-to-understand, everyday language. We provide valuable and insightful information about top ACT prep courses. Are you looking for the best online ACT prep? You found the right place. Here we will review different ACT prep companies to help you find the best ACT prep websites. Below we will review the most popular online platforms to find which is best test prep for ACT.

1. Magoosh

Review coming soon…

2. PrepScholar

It is one of the newest platforms in the market as it was started in 2013. It was founded by Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang who have their PhDs from Harvard and had perfect entry scores. Its effectiveness has seen the company rise within the rankings, and it is by many metrics the best ACT courses company. It offers students the option of customizing their classes and still backs them with an online tutor. The company also offers a full refund guarantee across all its courses, including ACT. It is one of the best ACT course when you are looking to improve on your weaknesses while still catching up on other topic areas of the ACT.

The main advantages of PrepScholar are that they offer a complete refund should you not get the promised ACT score, a hybrid program including an extra option of one-on-one training. And they also offer weekly progress reports

3. Kaptest (Kaplan)

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4. Princeton Review

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5. Manhattan Prep

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